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Silverback Ink® InstaBlack 120ml

Kód: 53540 Garancia dlhé expirácie Garancia dlhé expirácie
Nová černá od Silverbacku
Výrobca: Silverink
Záruka: 24 mesiacov
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35,41 € , plus doprava
Silverback Ink® InstaBlack 120ml

InstaBlack is the newest 'blacker than black' from Silverback Ink which works great for everything from lines to solid fill, to shading and diluting for grayscale. The specially designed & concentrated formula is easy to wipe off the skin and goes into the skin as easily as it wipes off.

InstaBlack was developed when trying to scaLenup production of Stupid Black. InstaBlack contains the exact same ingredients as Stupid Black, it's just mixed up in a different way. The results mean that InstaBlack goes in to the skin more velvety than Stupid Black, whereas Stupid Black has more of a sticky consistency. Try it for yourself and see what works best for the way you tattoo!

InstaBlack is processed in a sterile facility and is tested & certified for the EU (EU Resolution ResAP(2008)1). Which means that they have designed a kick ass ALL PURPOSE BLACK specifically for tattooing.

Made in the USA and Vegan Friendly!

vhodné pre vegánov produkt je vhodný pro vegany, neobsahuje žádné živočišné produkty áno
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