800 malých motivů

64 pp., 21x28 cm, colour and black & white designs.
Kód: 50289
800 malých motivů
800designsof cherries, hearts, lucky charms, gambling motifs, ace of spades, stars, moon, star signs, butterflies, skulls, ruže, kvety, crosses and much more! FULL COLOUR ISSUE! Small tattoosare very popular and people choose them for lots of reasons. It might be the first tattoo in a long line of & little ones &, or a first, small tattoo in preparation for bigger things to come. Small tattoosare easy to create, they don & rsquo; t cost a lot, they & rsquo; re discreet and easy to hide, but they can also Adorn parts of the body that are always on show like the ears, neck or hands. Some people just love mini tattoos and getlots of small tattoosto cover, for example, their whole arm. Along sleevemade up of small tattoos is original lookwhich can be Personalised to suit the wearer and can be added to every time you have a new idea! In addition, the space between the tattoos can be filled in with a shaded background, tiny stars and dots. Smalltattoos can tell an illustrated storyand some people follow a distinct theme: anchors, nautical stars, starfish, dolphinsand fish for lovers of the sea; gambling andpiratesymbols for those who like to take risks; sweets, srdce and cherries for those who can & rsquo; t say no to anything sweet (or otherwise) ... and so on. So which Aretha most popular small tattoos? Hearts, cherries, stars, moons, butterflies, kvetov, ruže, anchors, gambling motifs, four-leaf cloversandlucky charms, small skullsand smallanimals. Thisspecial editionbrings togetherhundreds of small colour tattoos, divided into the various themes, as well as other subjects designed for peoplewho love black and grey or tribal tattoos. Whatever the reason for choosing a small tattoo, you & rsquo; ll love it! :-)

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